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UPDATED WITH PODCAST -Exact details and people involved in the arrest of Vice-President in Washington County, Alabama

 The Arrest of Vice-President Aaron Burr in Alabama (The following story has been transcribed exactly as written (including spelling errors) from Albert J. Picketts History of Alabama) During a cold night in February 1807, two young men, Nicholas Perkins, a lawyer, and Thomas Malone, clerk of the court were sitting in their cabin, in the […]

UPDATED WITH PODCAST -Aaron Burr hid in Dismals Canyon in Franklin County, Alabama after killing political rival Alexander Hamilton [pictures]

Dismals Canyon is located in the town of Phil Campbell in the northwestern part of Franklin County, Alabama. Several outlaws have allegedly hidden in the canyon, including Jesse James and  Aaron Burr. Continued below…. In 1806, former vice president  Aaron Burr hid for two weeks in Dismals Canyon after killing political rival Alexander Hamilton in a […]