Who were Carpetbaggers and Scalawags?

The following is transcribed excerpts from History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography. By Thomas McAdory Owen, Marie (Bankhead) Owen. Published by the S. J. Clarke publishing company, 1921, pages 727-728 Carpetbagger is a term applied by native citizens of … Read More


This serendipity moment told the whole story

Recently, I asked readers to send in their personal serendipity moment to Alabama Pioneers. This is William W. McCollum’s moment.  Donna Serendipity Moment told the whole story by William W. McCollum My McCollum ancestors descend from a Scottish exile who … Read More

W. N. Manning, Photographer, March 17, 1934. FRONT VIEW - NORTHWEST ELEVATION. - Governor Thomas Bibb House, 303 Williams Street, Huntsville, Madison County, AL

Beautiful Bibb Mansions, truth versus fiction

There has been some incorrect information concerning the Bibb plantations in Limestone and Madison County.  The corrected information is taken from  THE HISTORIC HUNTSVILLE QUARTERLY OF LOCAL ARCHITECTURE AND PRESERVATION IS P U B L I S H E D … Read More